They Fell In Love, Didn't They? Yes They Did.
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Once Upon A Halloween (2014)

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He’s a family man. He has a good relationship with his brother and parents and adores his wife and son. He also takes steps to prevent pictures of his son from ending up online. He married his teenage sweetheart and admires her so much. He’s social with eveyone. He’s that guy that makes everyone feel like they have a friend. He likes sports and geeky things. He’s constantly at white caps games but was so excited to walk around SDCC He cooks. He’s never said anything to offend his fans He loves music. He plays guitar and sings That man has the voice of an angel wrapped in hot Irish sin He looks fantastic is wet leather pants He makes chest hair sexy He’s gorgeous He’s shy and humble He’s genuinely nice We need more if him, and not just because he looks and sounds like he does. He’s just a good guy.
- Until I Met You: Why we need more Colin O’donoghues 
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Let us pray to the gods of ABC for cs taco time

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you healed these scars over time,
embraced my soul, you loved my mind
you’re the only angel in my life  

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There’s passion for definite.

Sorry but I don’t know where the original photo is from anymore, it’s been on my harddrive for years.

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Storybrooke has frozen over. 

(True Love Compilation)

(More posters here.)

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You know you did great when they don’t need you anymore…  


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"It takes someone really special to make you smile with 
tears in your eyes".
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  • Dad: *calls up the stairs* Are you streaming from the internet, cuz it's gone really slow??
  • Me: *pauses ouat* noooooooo...
  • Dad: ...............
  • Me: .................
  • Dad: ok..............
  • Me: *continues watching my bbies fall for each other*
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have you ever seen somebody so impossibly attractive that you completely question their existence and wonder how it’s even possible to look that good

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feathers-and-hooks asked: I knew they were meant to be right from them sharing their pasts in Tallahassee, but that they were true love the moment Emma looks at Killian after she saved him from the shadow.


Oh wow, I really love this one! Emma learned from Rumple that the magic is activated by emotion, and when you look at Emma at this moment you can really see her face saying “what was this feeling I was driven by, how the hell did that happen?”

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